Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The Art of Cooking and Science of Baking

They Say,
Cooking is an Art but Baking is a Science

 I like to think of baking as an artistic science and cooking as a scientific art.
I have one to many times seen the aunt or mother in law use the wrong measuring cups or spoons when baking and being the avid baker that i am, it's gut wrenching...
But you can't correct them, because that's the way they were taught, by average and it works, quite well i might add. But in today's world when you pick up a tried recipe , everything seems so precise and if you don't follow that recipe things won't come out the way it suppose to.
So i'm gonna try to explain the Science of Baking for those of you that are interested.

In baking we might have come across once where they tell you which cups to use for dry and wet ingredients.
They tell you how to level of the top to make sure it's accurate and keep eye level measurements for liquids.
How to fluff up the flour before measuring. How measuring dry ingredients by weight is better than by cups.

Well i say Go With What Works for You.

I'm the 'Scientific' type just because of this little perfection thing i have going on and i time everything. 

So try out a few things and stick to what works for you.

But make sure not to be lost in the Science of it and Enjoy Baking.